Our vision is to make political leaders in Slovakia systematically work on sustainable energy. Therefore, to embrace energy efficiency (EE), renewable energy (RES), fossil fuel phase out and energy poverty as their priorities. At the same time, to allocate the necessary budgets and expertise to these areas, thus initiating the transition to a low-emission, low-carbon, decentralized, citizen and community-controlled economy with the main objective of maintaining a healthy environment for future generations.

Energy efficiency

Increasing energy efficiency and reducing consumption


Promoting the use of renewable energy sources

Air quality

Emission Reduction and Decarbonisation

Energy poverty

Secure the necessary energy for the most vulnerable social groups

Research and innovation

Improving the use of technological and non-technological innovations

Nature protection

Support for programs and strategies aimed at nature conservation and sustainable climate

A dozen green deal steps for the Slovak Government

Slovak Climate Initiative prepared a twelve point programme to move Slovakia closer to its climate and energy goals. The results can prove vital for society and the economy without major implications for the state budget.

The government must:

Finalise the most important carbon neutrality provisions from the recently approved low carbon Long Term Strategy and revise the National Energy and climate plan (NECP) to align with the upcoming Long Term Strategy on building renovations.

Define energy poverty to include all people who are unable to secure the necessary energy for the optimal functioning of their household. It should then design and prepare the implementation of related solutions.

Include energy efficiency to all relevant standards and documents.

Assess the steps taken so far towards a just transition of the coal region and set the transformation of carbon-intensive regions and sectors with an emphasis on phasing out fossil fuels.

Begin the preparation of criteria for the sustainable use of all renewable energy sources, which will be approved by the end of 2020 in the Strategy of the Environmental Policy of the Slovak Republic until 2030.

Build sufficient technical, expert and financial capacities to implement climate and energy policies at the regional level so that local and regional authorities do not perceive national and European climate targets as an administrative burden but rather as an opportunity to save money, emissions and increase resilience and self-sufficiency.

Reallocate unspent funds from the EU budget’s Quality of Environment programme to provide additional support for the renovation and improvement of energy performance of public buildings, such as schools, medical facilities and offices. Allocate the necessary amount of resources from the new budget, in combination with private capital, in a way that can generate investments needed to restore three per cent of public buildings annually.

Integrate subsidies for insulation, renewable energy sources and boilers in a user-friendly way, like using one application for all. The programmes should motivate applicants not only to replace heating sources or install renewables but to reduce heat losses and thus energy consumption in family homes.

Promote EU funded programmes for thermal insulation in single-family homes to improve the stock of single-family homes 20 fold by 2021.

Replace the Regulatory Office for Network Industries, including the chairman and members of the Regulatory Board, as it has not operated transparently and has ignored EU legislation responsible for introducing network fees.

Oblige the Regulatory Office for Network Industries to publish all documents related to the pricing procedures of monopoly regulated entities via an amendment to the Act on Regulation in Network Industries.

Abolish the moratorium on connecting new renewable energy sources to the grid with an emphasis on increasing the sustainable use of renewable energy in Slovakia.

About us

Our member organizations and individuals have long sought to change public policies in favor of energy efficiency, the use of sustainable RES, mitigation and adaptation to climate change and improving air quality. We realize that closer cooperation, a coordinated approach and the ability to initiate and sustain public debate on these issues are needed to achieve the necessary change. Our mission is to be the driving force of public debate in order to influence the attitudes of Slovak political leaders to the energy transition of Slovakia. We build on broad cooperation, expertise, analysis, latest trends and long-term experience of our members in each field.

Climate change and its consequences have a significant impact on our daily lives. With the current pace of resource consumption, the production of goods and the devastation of the environment, we are dramatically shortening our time and narrowing the opportunities to strike a balance to maintain the environment in which we live and in which we can develop further. That is why we want to be a platform that brings together individuals and organizations to make climate change and environmental protection a priority for society as a whole.